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April 19th, 2017 by

Acura NSX
Have you ever wondered what your vehicle had to go through before it became the car you drive every day? Well, if you have, the new 2017 Acura NSX is offering drivers the chance of a lifetime by letting them see their vehicle being built from the ground up right before their eyes. Keep reading to learn more about this groundbreaking and amazing opportunity.

How to Participate

The obvious first question that may come to mind is “how?” If you have already ordered your new NSX, but it has not yet been delivered to the dealership of your choice, then you may be able to participate in this exciting experience. Those selected to participate will be able to tailor their NSX Insider Experience to fit their interests about vehicle manufacturing, as a variety of specialized tour packages is available.

What’s Included

It’s not often that drivers get to see their vehicles being built and tested for performance capabilities. There are six tour packages to choose from, depending on which aspects of the building and testing process you’re most interested in. There are opportunities for owners to visit the Honda Heritage Center and soak up some history; tours of the Performance Manufacturing Center are also optional components. A visit to the Anna Engine Plant can also be arranged and will include the ability to watch as your NSX’s engine is assembled and tested. Owners will also get the chance to drive their vehicles fresh off the line at the Acura Proving Grounds, a world-class facility. Drives can be between two and four hours, and during these performance drives, owners will be able to test the vehicle’s performance by working with skid pad acceleration/deceleration, the Vehicle Dynamic Area, a 1.1-mile Dynamics Handling road course, High-Speed Test Track Speed Laps, and a High G-Force Hot Lap with a professional driver behind the wheel.

Order Your NSX Today

Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. There’s still time to visit a Wisconsin Acura Dealer and order your very own NSX. Then get in contact with your Acura NSX Concierge to start customizing your tour.

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