The Future Is Closer Than You Think with Acura Automated Vehicles

July 3rd, 2017 by

Acura LogoThese days, more and more things are becoming automated in an effort to increase convenience for consumers. While you may think self-driving cars are a thing of the distant future, Acura is here to show we may have this technology sooner than anticipated. Stay tuned to learn all about the Acura automated vehicles that have been in the works.

Vehicle Automation?

Believe it or not, Acura is well on its way to creating vehicles with the capability to be highly automated in most driving situations. Acura even released a statement saying that they prepare to have the vehicles equipped with automated freeway driving capabilities by 2020 and hopefully start production for consumers by 2025. Currently the vehicles in testing are at SAE Level 3, which means the vehicles are automated enough to handle many situations, but still require the driver to be able to take over when needed.

The goal is for Acura automated vehicles to get to SAE Level 4, which means that the vehicle is capable of freeway driving and other situations without driver interference. Drivers at The Verge had a chance to test drive one of the vehicles undergoing testing, the Acura RLX, and experienced simulated freeway driving and traffic jam situations. So far, it seems as though Acura is on the right path with automation, as the test drive was mostly successful, with a few glitches—expected this early in development. With all of the current driver-assist technologies that many Acura vehicles are equipped with to make driving less of a hassle, it’s not hard to imagine an automated vehicle being available in the next 10 years.

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