What is AcuraLink?

Acura MDX Acuralink

What is AcuraLink? AcuraLink allows you to connect your smartphone with your vehicle so you can enjoy a wide array of services and features.

Top-Of-The-Line Convenience

Having the AcuraLink connect app on your smartphone means enjoying next-generation convenience features. Thanks to the following features, Acura has earned recognition for luxury and technology excellence from publications like Edmunds.

Remote Dashboard

Check up-to-date mileage, fuel level, and oil life readings from your smartphone.

Vehicle Health Report

Stay proactive on maintenance and keep your Acura running in prime condition thanks to the monthly reports of your vehicle’s status you’ll have delivered to your inbox.

Send Destination

Find where you’re going on your smartphone, and then send that destination to the Acura’s onboard GPS navigation system so you don’t have to enter it manually once you get inside.

Last Mile Navigation

AcuraLink will provide walking directions to your final destination once you’re ready to leave the vehicle when your journey doesn’t end once you’ve parked the car.

Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery

Use the AcuraLink system to get Amazon deliveries to your car instead of your home if you’re away. The delivery driver will be able to open the door to leave your parcel, and then the vehicle will lock automatically when they leave.

Remote Start & Stop

Get your Acura’s interior cool or warm before you step inside.

Find My Car

Never lose your vehicle in a crowded parking lot with AcuraLink technology, which provides the vehicle’s exact location on your smartphone app.

Destination by Voice

Use voice commands to easily set a destination and have the directions sent straight to your Acura’s navigation system.

Personal Concierge

Enjoy first-class service wherever you travel with an available Personal Concierge service that can help you make hotel, restaurant, or airline reservations, and then send all relevant information to your vehicle.

2018 Acura RDX AcuraLink

Forward-Thinking Safety and Security

The AcuraLink system provides technology to improve peace of mind – whether you’re worried about breaking down far from assistance or concerned about your personal data.

Remote Lock & Unlock

Let someone into your vehicle or make sure the doors are locked by using your smartphone to lock or unlock your doors.

Automatic Collision Notification

A live agent will be notified in the event of a collision, and they will reach out to check on you and send assistance.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Take advantage of 24/7 towing services, jump-starting, tire changes, fuel delivery, and more simply by using the AcuraLink app.

Emergency Call

Trained Acura agents stand by to deliver priority attention and dispatch emergency assistance to your exact location in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Personal Data Wipe

Your Acura holds your address details and trip history, but this is no-doubt information you don’t want to broadcast to everyone. AcuraLink empowers you to remotely reset the navigation system and clear any stored information.

Geofence Alert

Keep tabs on your Acura vehicle’s location with an alert that notifies you when it enters or leaves a designated area.

Speed Alert

Considering letting kids borrow your car? Speed Alert sends an alert to your smartphone if the Acura model exceeds the speed limit you’ve set for it.

Security Alarm

If your Acura model’s security system ever gets triggered, this alarm instantly sends an alert to your smartphone.

See How AcuraLink Works in Person

Explore the current special offers on Acura models with AcuraLink, and then get in touch to schedule a visit to your local Wisconsin Acura dealer.

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