2017 Acura NSX Safety Features

  • 2017 Acura NSX

    As a high-performance supercar, it was essential that as much effort went into designing the 2017 Acura NSX safety features as its performance elements. Wisconsin drivers can rest easy knowing that even as you approach the NSX top speed of 191 mph, there is an arsenal of active, passive, and driver-assist safety technologies in place for your protection.

Active Safety Features

The active 2017 Acura NSX safety features are those that help you actively avoid an accident. Some help to make your vehicle more visible to other drivers, some increase your visibility with advanced cameras, and others can sense a loss of traction and respond to it for you.


Acura NSX driving along a curved road

Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control: This safety system monitors the behavior of the tires and the position of your steering wheel; if it senses lost traction, oversteer, or understeer, it will adjust brake pressure and engine output to help stabilize the NSX.

Acura NSX Rear Back Corner

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines: No one wants a ding or dent on their sports car simply from backing out of a driveway. The standard multi-angle rearview camera offers top-down, wide-angle, and standard views complete with guidelines for easy backing up.

Acura NSX Wheel

Tire Pressure Monitoring System: A performance car with an under-inflated tire is one you can’t control or predict. The standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System alerts you to low-pressure tires to top them off or patch them up before hitting the road.

Acura NSX driving behind another NSX

Advanced Braking Systems: The NSX gives you every advantage with regard to speed, and that includes coming to a full stop. Anti-lock brakes automatically pump your brakes during hard braking to avoid wheel lock-up, brake assist deploys maximum brake force during emergency braking, and electronic brake distribution ensures each of the four wheels is slowed proportionately for an even stop.

Acura NSX Engine

Direct Drive Electric Motor: Linked directly to the dual-clutch transmission, this motor delivers an instantaneous performance response, ensuring your will is executed via the NSX as quickly as possible to keep you in control and potentially avoid a collision.

2017 Acura NSX Headlight

LED Daytime Running Lights: The standard Jewel Eye LED headlights of the NSX illuminate dark roads ahead and make your vehicle easy to spot. LED daytime running lights operate all the time, however, and give the NSX increased visibility so it’s easier for other drivers to notice and to avoid.

Passive Safety Features

We hope you never find yourself needing to rely on the passive safety features, but the NSX has been engineered and repeatedly crash-tested to ensure that these safety technologies protect anyone inside.

  • Airbags: The front airbags of the NSX include a single-stage driver airbag and a dual-stage passenger airbag, both with dual-threshold technology to deploy with the proper amount of force. Front side airbags and side curtain airbags (with rollover sensor) complete the array to deliver peace of mind on the road or the track.
  • Three-Point Seat Belts: Each NSX seat is outfitted with a three-point safety belt designed to keep its occupant secure and in place during a collision. An automatic tensioning system helps hold the passenger in place during sudden maneuvers, and the seat belt reminder will let everyone know to buckle up before driving off.
  • Multi-Material Space Frame: Engineered for durability and performance, the multi-material space frame of the NSX uses some of the latest technologies in its construction, including A-pillars that are 3D bent and quenched from ultra-high-strength steel. The result is increased rigidity for performance and improved durability for collisions.

Driver-Assist Features

Most supercar drivers prefer to be in complete control of their vehicle, but these 2017 Acura NSX safety features are here to help you out … if you want help at all.


Acura NSX driving over a bridge

Cruise Control: Let the twin turbo V6 (and your feet) take a break while on the highway with the standard cruise control system. Simply hit a nice speed to keep pace with the rest of traffic, engage the cruise, and enjoy the ride as everyone stares at your Acura.

Acura NSX Corner Backup Sensors

Corner and Backup Sensors: These available radar sensors are positioned at the rear of the NSX and are specifically designed to alert you to potential objects in the path of the vehicle. By offering corner and backup sensors, the NSX is able to best alert you to how to back out of tight garages and narrow driveways.

2017 Acura NSX

Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD): Acura’s exclusive all-wheel drive system is combined with three electric motors to create a hybrid drivetrain that sends the power wherever it needs to go for improved performance and traction. SH-AWD lets the NSX hold a tight line through a curve, yes, but it also helps you keep control on uneven or slick pavement.

Test Drive an NSX

We know that the 2017 Acura NSX safety features were probably not the first thing on your mind when searching for the supercar, but if you’re looking to take this sport coupe to anywhere approaching its max speed, you should be able to trust that it has you protected.

Visit a Wisconsin Acura Dealer near you today to see the NSX in person and experience its twin turbo V6 firsthand.

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