What Do the 2016 Infiniti QX60 FWD Standard Features Offer Wisconsin Drivers?

October 10th, 2016 by

Acura MDXThe 2017 Acura MDX is a classy crossover that offers Wisconsin drivers an attractive array of standard features that puts it in a class above the competition. The similarly equipped 2016 Infiniti QX60 FWD comes close, but doesn’t offer the same convenient and useful features the MDX does. We broke these down further, so you don’t have to.

Space Beyond Compare

The Acura MDX easily outdoes the Infiniti when it comes to room for you and your family. Crossover drivers are generally looking for a little more cargo space, and the MDX has plenty to spare. With 90.9 cubic feet of cargo space, the MDX blows away the Infiniti’s 76.5 cubic feet, allowing you to easily fit your passengers and anything you’re hauling. Plus, with the MDX’s third-row split bench seat, a feature missing from the Infiniti, your passengers will stay comfortable for the long haul.

Tech and Convenience

The MDX packs even more standard features into the already spacious package. The MDX comes equipped with all of the following:

  • Adaptive cruise control: When in cruising mode, the MDX detects vehicles moving slower in front of your path and will automatically adjust speed accordingly. This feature will up the price tag on the Infiniti.
  • Voice-activated controls: Never take your eyes off the road and easily control entertainment options using just your voice—another feature that will cost you extra on the Infiniti.
  • Noise cancellation: Enjoy a quieter ride and your music with no interruptions from the outside—this feature is not available on the Infiniti.
  • LED headlights: These are brighter and more efficient than the lights on the Infiniti.
  • Adaptive suspension: An active suspension system gives the MDX a smoother ride than the Infiniti’s passive system.
  • Paddle shifters: Enjoy a manual transmission feel right at your fingertips.

Engine Matters

Both the 2017 Acura MDX and the 2016 Infiniti are powered by a 3.5L V6, but only the MDX features the i-VTEC system for improved efficiency. The efficiency advantage pays off because the MDX can power out 290 hp, well above the Infiniti’s 265 hp, making it one of the highest-performing crossovers on the market.

The MDX Is Waiting

Still not convinced? Compare the 2017 Acura MDX to other similar cars using this handy vehicle comparison tool, and then head over to your Wisconsin Acura Dealer and take the MDX for a test drive.

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